Things didn’t go well for Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Talladega on May 7 — he finished in 22nd place. After the race, the NASCAR driver admitted to being “disappointed” in his performance, and explained what went wrong.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of racing’s greats, which is why NASCAR fans were so shocked when he came in 22nd place at Talladega on May 7. “I wasn’t really feeling a lot of confidence in the car, but we were shaping to have a pretty good opportunity to get a good finish,” he said after the race. “It’s just disappointing. I was having a hard time figuring out what we needed to do or what we were missing there for most of the race.”

Luckily, Dale wasn’t involved in the massive, 18-car crash on the track, and he even managed to pull ahead into third place with just 13 laps remaining. However, that’s when he noticed loose lug nuts on one of his wheels, forcing him into the pit and killing his chances at a win. “Our car wasn’t very good in the pack,” he explained. “In traffic, it wasn’t very good.” He also added that he felt “frustrated with how the race went.”

This loss was extra disappointing for Dale, as it came less than two weeks after it was confirmed that he’s retiring from NASCAR after the 2017 season. That means there’s only six months of racing left for the racing legend — hopefully he can turn things around!

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