Looks like Brett Lee’s UnIndian is CBFC’s newest victim!

Australian filmmaker Anupam Sharma roped in cricketer Brett Lee to make a romantic comedy like never before. The movie was very close to making its release in India but CBFC has demanded that the filmmakers cut a 65 seconds long love making scene. However, the makers of the film think that it’s a crucial scene which the movie cannot do without.

Anupam Sharma even told a leading tabloid, “It is a beautiful scene where they make love for the first time. At the same time, Tannishtha’s parents are watching a spiritual leader on TV speak about opening your chakras. The music escalates as the sequences set in the two different settings unfold. It is artistically shot but the Indian Censor Board wants it to be cut. We have been asked to only show Lee’s side profile and not his back and to remove the spiritual context. That’s like ripping off the film’s heartbeat.”

The movie also features Tannishtha Chatterjee and was released in Australia with an ‘M’ (Mature) certificate. With both the CBFC and the filmmaker not ready to budge, will the film ever release in our country? Only time will tell!

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