Cardi B stays looking fierce and of course, her beauty looks are flawless each & every time she steps out. HL caught up with the rapper’s talented makeup artist, Erika La’ Pearl, to get the scoop on her creative looks.

Cardi B, 26, sits atop of the rap music elite, so it only makes sense that her makeup artist, Erika La’ Pearl, is the reigning queen of the cosmetics industry. The makeup maven is breaking boundaries when it comes to the beauty industry and we caught up with her on the red carpet of Beauty Con 2019 to hear all about the ultra creative looks she pulls out for Cardi. “I love the fact that she lets me do my thing as far as doing her makeup, she knows that I have a creative mind, so she doesn’t really be picky about that which I love about her,” Erika tells HollywoodLife. “She’s very patient with me, I just love her…she’s such a sweetheart,” she gushes.

Erika was sure to share how supportive the “Money” rapper has been throughout their time working together. “I just love the fact that she opens a lot of doors for me and she wants me to you know, do me, to expand myself, and I just love her support. She knows that I’m here right now and she’s very proud of me that I’m here,” she sweetly shares. 

The cosmetics expert also dished on what she thinks is the hottest beauty trend of the moment and it’s one fans can try right at home. “I think colors! Bright colors, I know a lot of girls are wearing glitter and stuff like that, and color under the eyes, which I love. That’s [up] my alley. But — I want to start doing more beauty neutrals and stuff like that,” she tells us.

Of course, we couldn’t chat with cosmetics expert without asking for a few tricks and tips of the trade. The artist spilled her key beauty trick for finding a foundation shade that matches your skin tone. “I know a lot of women have problems finding their color. I would say if you can’t find your exact color, just use a shade lighter than your skin and then user powders, contour, bronzers to bring you back to life,” Erika insists.

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