Stay tuned for more records because Race 3 is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Race 3 released last Friday and since then, it has only made Bollywood cash rich. The first day numbers may have been a bit underwhelming but there was a big reason behind that. The major part of the film’s audience was busy getting ready for the Eid festivities next day and thus, stayed away from the theatres. But Saturday saw one of the best leap in numbers since a while. From Rs 29.17 crore on day 1, Race went up to Rs 38.14 crore. That’s massive! By the end of three days, it has defeated 30 films! As of now, the film has earned Rs 106.47 crore and with that, it has already made 7 records. Check out the list right here…

Highest opening day 2018

Despite earning less than Rs 30 crore on the opening day, the film managed to score the highest opening day for a Hindi film this year. We are being specific here because if we include Avengers: Infinity War, Race 3 would take the second position. Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2 had held that position for a while now in the Hindi films category this year.

Second highest opening weekend 2018

In three days, the film earned a whopping Rs 106.47 crore which gave it the second spot after Padmaavat in the top opening weekends of this year. But mind you, the Sanjay Leela Bhansanli epic had a five-day extended weekend to amass a sum of Rs 114 crore.

Highest grosser in the franchise

By earning more than Rs 100 crore in just three days, Race 3 has also become the highest grosser in the franchise as well. Race 2 had made Rs 100.45 crore way back in 2013.

Fastest Rs 100 crore in 2018

Rs 106.47 crore in just three days… that’s the fastest that any movie has ever entered the club this year. There are many films which managed to enter the coveted club in 2018 but Salman Khan’s film zoomed past them easily.

Highest collection on Eid

By earning Rs 38.14 crore on Saturday, Race 3 became the film which scored the highest on a Eid day. All this while the record rested with yet another Salman blockbuster, Sultan, which had made Rs 36 crore and more on that day.

Highest single day 2018

On Sunday, Race earned a whopping Rs 39.16 crore, it became the highest single day collection of this year. Not even Avengers: Infinity War could manage to achieve such a feat.

Second highest opening weekend worldwide grosser

Race 3, in three days, amassed a wealth of Rs 181.32 crore through its worldwide collections. That puts it right next to Padmaavat (Rs 215 crore), which takes the top spot.


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